About Us

We r’flows Founder (and Female Traveller)

Nice Mucavele


Our Vision

To become a global reference not only as a provider of premium quality sanitary products, but as a top team member in projects turned to social and environmental justice. 

Our Mission

To make menstrual cycle experiences dignified, healthier, affordable and sustainable for the people, and the planet.
We strive to provide reusable, washable, and waterproof sanitary products of first-class quality to all menstruators and collaborate with key stakeholders to assist in the reduction of period poverty, affecting menstruator's life prosperity, the general socio-economic and environmental development of the global communities. 

Our Values


About Ubuntu 

UBUNTU: It is an African philosophy that represents humanness and encourages individuals to see our own selves through others, inspiring the spirit of caring - respecting - protecting (our employees, consumers, supply chain entities and the planet), and loving one another. We like to keep it real and attached to our origins.
From an environmental perspective, Ubuntu's way of living makes fundamental sense as it is a concept sometimes translated as "I am because we are" - reflecting the relationship between mankind and the environment. 
We R’Flows is here for Social and environmental justice.
Because You, and Earth are Special!


Travelling has never been so stress free, as it is now with reusable sanitary pads!

Imagine travelling to a new place that you don't know, and all of the sudden you have to urgently search for a convenience shop to get some disposable pads, because "that time of the month" has arrived earlier than the expected...!

As a female traveller, I have gone through it countless number of times, and if you are one (menstruator-traveller) too, or plan to become one, you should know how stressful it is!

I have caught myself searching for a sanitary pad that I forgot that I had already used them some time before... at the end I always got myself thinking:

"I wish they (my pads) were reusable somehow...!

And that's one of the many relevant ways and reasons ‘We r’Flows’ came across my mind. The freedom that the access to a clean pad can provide to a person is unbelievably unmeasurable...!
In addition to that, the time This project came across my mind was a particular one not only for me but the whole world - When Covid/19 hit our reality. 
Nissi, 30-year-old women from Mozambique, living in the so called "magical city" - Rome, in Italy, started thinking about, and looking for the "whys" and "How's" of her own existence in this immense world.
” Why do I exist…? What is my mission in this world, how can I get to my best version to contribute for a better version of the world I live in…”?
Being a woman, of colour, from Mozambique - the most beautiful place to me, but a place found in an socio- economic developing state, the reality of a life with so many challenges including hunger, illiteracy, human caused calamities by poverty were not so far from her eyes, even though she considered herself a “privileged girl”.

In many places of the World, like in Mozambique, talking about the lack of sanitary pad in many places would be an insult, when people are fighting to find something, anything to eat.
In Mozambique, every one girl in two girls stop going to school due child marriages, and the numbers of drop offs increase due to the lack of access to sanitary products to assist them during their cycle. To avoid the "shame" of bleeding on their clothes during lessons and considering that school spell students to achieve a certain number of absences, young girls are forced to drop out of school. 
Mozambique hosts some of the most beautiful beaches, in the world. Beautiful sea that one day will cease to be as beautiful and rich if we (humans) do not take action to fight environmental justice, which is a problem cannot be talked of without mentioning social justice, because in the middle of the exchange of fatal environmental bullets, the poorest are the ones who suffer more. Most countries like Mozambique, rely a lot on the sea for household's sustainability.
So Nissi took her passion for people, her concerns about gender and the environment, put in the basket with her passion for entrepreneurship and went to war! Are you joining 😉?