Copy of Our Impact



How to be part of the Campaign?

We have developing funding programs to canalize a part of income we make to reach people in need in this challenging time the world is living.

We are created GoFundMe links for each organization responsible to each country we are sending love in form of sanitary products and monetary value. 

Discover other countries when people are highly affected due to terrorost insurgencies, political and social crisis and natural


Greener Flows for a Brighter Future 

To successfully contribute for the reduction of  socio- environmentally destructive practices at the personal, community, and business level , in order to tackle climate change, environmental and  social injustice  inequality.

For that matter, Herflows strives and encourages teamwork with  all key and passive stakeholders, and strengthen our green procurement operations.

"...Because everyone ( You ) and the environment are special"



We r’Flows sustainability Goals for 2030

  • Gender and environment: Inspire and enable more than 1 Million girls and women to access free eco-friendly sanitary pads in rural areas, in Mozambique.
  • Set up fundraiser organization to promote eco conscious initiatives (e.g: introduction of environmental education at in rural and urban schools) to inspire a daily improvement of the life quality better within the everyday the boundaries of the planet
  • To make "Use-Reuse-Recycle" mantra increasingly and fundamentally present as a pillar-element in all business model strategies  as We R' Flows expands.

Because You & Earth are Special!

We R' Flows